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 Laser Enhancement Technology Cellfood DNA/RNA adds yet another revolutionary technology to make it a product of unmatched potency 
- a laser process for nutrient enhancement that has been patented worldwide. This technology has been developed over the last eight years by the research team of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, a Johns Hopkins and Georgetown University trained medical doctor, internist, and pulmonary and intensive care specialist. As a byproduct of research into the development of novel laser technologies for treating major diseases, a new form of laser energy was created. This new form of laser energy is so powerful it can be used to reshape molecules into a form that the body can use more efficiently, thus delivering greater bioavailability. In essence, a typically manufactured nutritional supplement is subjected to chemical extraction, purification, and drying steps. All of these processes can cause numerous random distortions of nutrient shape. Enzymes of the body are highly shape sensitive for the molecules they will accept or reject. When the body receives a nutrient in a wide range of random shapes, some will fit and many others will not. The nutrients that don't fit will either be excreted or broken down to relatively useless compounds. The breakthrough embodied in the laser reshaping technology is the ability to produce ultra short pulses in resonance with the natural frequency of the nutrients. The natural frequency of any structure is the frequency it will naturally tend to vibrate at when stimulated. If impulses are provided at the natural frequency even tiny amounts of energy given in each cycle build up to very large amounts of energy in the structure. The basic analogy is kicking your legs to propel a swing. If you kick your legs at just the right time in the swing, the swing will go higher and higher. If you kick your legs randomly the swing will jiggle around at its lowest point, gathering no momentum. Normal laser action is like kicking your legs continuously. The impulses are out of phase with the natural frequency and the swing is not moved other than random small movements. In contrast, the laser impulses generated through Dr. Ovokaitys' technology provides impulses at the right phase of the molecular vibration to build the energy in the molecule, to up to several times the baseline energy in the molecule. The net effect of resonant laser stimulation is to create small flat stretched molecules that most importantly are consistent in shape from molecule to molecule. Homogenizing the shape of the molecules greatly reduces the enzyme energy needed to bind the next molecule, which can greatly increase the efficiency of nutrient utilization. This allows the cells to make much more of the desired products from the same quantity of ingested nutrients.

At the level of the test tube, cells fed equal amounts of ordinary versus laser treated nutrients have been tested. Milligram for milligram, cells fed the laser treated nutrients have produced statistically significantly more of the biologically desirable internal products. Several amino acid effects in particular have been shown to be enhanced in vitro or clinically through laser treatment. Laser treatment of nutrients can thus work synergistically with the numerous Immune Boost effects to create the most potently absorbed and utilized nutrition ever offered. The laser technology used to enhance Cellfood DNA/RNA is the most powerful method of reshaping and homogenizing nutrients for absorption and assimilation ever developed. The combination of Immune Boost and laser technologies is an unequaled combination for boosting amino acid and nucleic acid metabolism. For it is not the nutrients you ingest that improve your condition, it is only the nutrients that you assimilate and use that can transform your health and save your life.

Heart Gems

This formula represents what we believe to be one of greatest nutritional compilations for supporting rejuvenative health and nutrition on the market today.

 Research indicates that high Homocysteine levels has been proven to be a major cardiac risk factor; it also advances DNA aging. HeartGems™ contains the amino acid TMG (also called Betaine, naturally derived from beets) that has been found to help support a healthy cardiac nutritional program as well as the natural replication of healthy DNA.

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 Lowering of homocysteine, an amino acid that can accumulate with age to toxic levels in the body has been shown to have profound effects on many systems of the body. High Homocysteine has been proven to be a major cardiac risk factor. It also advances DNA aging. HeartGems™ contains TMG (or Betaine, naturally derived from beets) to help support a healthy cardiovascular system as well as mood and well-being. 

Recent research indicates the lower the homocysteine, the younger and healthier the condition of DNA. Homocysteine elevation is also associated with increased cardiovascular risks, with the risk rising exponentially above a level of 6.3, as the following chart indicates:

Thus at a level of 15, the risk of a major cardiac event is 4 times that of the general population. Also a recent study indicates that a level over 14 carries double the risk of Alzheimer's disease. 

Based on research, it can be recommended to take 3-6 HEARTGEMS daily for general health and well-being. Homocysteine levels are best assessed with widely available blood testing. Talk to your health care practitioner about checking your homocysteine levels and you can see the results for yourself! 

HEARTGEMS is an activated combination of the most powerful nutrients ever studied for supporting blood, vessels, mood, and energy. Homocysteine is highly toxic to blood vessels and its level may be up to 40 times more predictive of the risk of heart disease than the cholesterol level. 44% of U.S. deaths are due to heart disease. The average homocysteine level in the U.S. population is at an unhealthy 10. Above the level of 7, every 3-point rise in homocysteine increases heart attack risk by 35%. Elevated homocysteine levels are also strongly associated with the development of Alzheimer's disease, strokes, and increased complications in diabetes, lupus, and other chronic diseases.

Homocysteine levels are increased with smoking, alcohol overuse, oral contraceptive use, red meat ingestion, high fat diets, and aging. One study showed that drinking 4 cups of coffee per day elevates homocysteine levels by 10%.

The action of HEARTGEMS is driven by TMG (trimethylglycine). TMG provides methyl groups that are known to detoxify homocysteine. A methyl group consists of a carbon atom attached to three hydrogen atoms. Methyl groups are widely used in the body for detoxification and DNA repair. The Choline also provides methyl groups to support a healthy liver and kidneys. The ingredient inositol may also help to support balanced blood levels. Folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12 are key cofactors required for the anti-aging support of DNA methylation.

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